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About Us

1. Charter

The primary mission for the LE Team is to provide engineering support to the energy and mining industries material supply chains. The core business includes:

  • The design of new CCU’s and the design review of existing lifted equipment;
  • The design of lifting devices including padeyes, spreader beams, monorails, etc.;
  • Installation studies and the design of construction aids;
  • The certification of lifted equipment;
  • The inspection of lifting equipment;
  • Advice on rigging for lifting operations;
  • The development and maintenance of an internet based lifted equipment database; and
  • Training on lifting equipment and material handling.

Our vision is to develop a healthy, sustainable business based on satisfied customers and an efficient, effective, cheerful team. We will do this by: 

  • Being quick to respond to customers’ needs;
  • Exploiting information technology and automating routine activities;
  • Having depth and breadth of knowledge;
  • Continuously improving our service;
  • Striving to have our customers’ enjoy the maximum return from their investment in our services; and
  • Provide our services and business solutions in a safe, ethical, environmentally responsible manner.

Our Core Values are based on:

  • Respecting the members of the team;
  • Valuing our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the communities in which we work;
  • Always conducting our business ethically and with integrity; and
  • Striving to continuously improve our products and services.

Our actions reflect our core values in that we:

  • Consistently supply deliverables faster than others can;
  • Are tenacious in meeting our clients’ needs;
  • Seek to reward the team and individuals based on performance;
  • Continuously aim to minimise the resource applied to non-value adding activities; and
  • Strive to capture and apply knowledge.

We believe we are successful when:

  • Our customers realise a superior return due to investment in our service;
  • Team members go home each day with a sense of satisfaction in what they have accomplished;
  • Our stakeholders are exceeding targeted return on their investment; and
  • Our business goals are achieved. 

2. Overview

WorleyParsons is a leading provider of professional services to the energy, resource and complex process industries employing approximately 28,800 personnel worldwide. It is a dynamic company whose success has resulted from a focus on project delivery for clients around the world. In doing so we work through all five phases of an asset’s lifecycle, customising our services for each sector. Our offices are located in many countries which allows us to apply resources to even the most remote locations.

The WorleyParsons Hydrocarbon Group services the oil and gas industry (upstream hydrocarbons) and the refining and petrochemical industry (downstream hydrocarbons). WorleyParsons has worked with most of the major companies in the oil and gas industry. The company has been involved in the development of many large and technically complex fixed offshore facilities. We have also provided project services to many onshore developments including gas plants, production facilities and terminals.

The LE Team evolved from the larger structural engineering discipline within the Hydrocarbon Group in 1995 to provide specialist services to the oil and gas industries in the areas of lifting and material handling.

The organisational structure for the Lifting Team is shown in Figure 1. It is essentially a small, autonomous business unit within the WorleyParsons hydrocarbon division which, when necessary, can call on the resources of the bigger organisation.

Figure 1

The LE Team provides a total service in the area of lifting and material handling. We have all the resources necessary to analyse the operational requirements, review supply chains, assess risk, design equipment, fabricate, procure, verify, inspect, maintain and even operate. We have gained our experience over a number of years working in both the onshore and offshore hydrocarbon operating environments.

3. HSE Philosophy

One of the reasons we are passionate about the work related to lifting and material handling is that it is fully supported by our leadership and management and fully aligned with our internal beliefs regarding the health of our people and the responsible stewardship of the environment. This is translated to our total workforce across all our sites by everyone behaving in accordance with our core values and by striving to achieve the objectives defined by our HSE Policy. Our HSE Policy is communicated to all personnel and associated organizations by:

  • Issue to all personnel on commencement of their employment;
  • Placement of copies of the HSE Policy on notice boards in offices and worksites;
  • Briefing on the policy statement during personnel induction;
  • Inclusion in the Health, Safety, Environment and Risk Management System Manual (HSERMSM)
  • Inclusion in other corporate documents such as contractor HSE specifications;
  • Home Page;
  • HSERMS Road Map; and
  • Promotion at Toolbox and HSE Meetings.

This has resulted in a demonstrable safety culture within the organisation based on our goal of “No Injuries to Anyone Anytime”. The senior representative on site is directly responsible for implementation of the policy objectives. Line Management at all levels is responsible for ensuring that the commitment to HSE is evident in the workplace and that all activities are conducted in accordance with the HSE Management System. All employees accept responsibility for the application of the HSE Policy and for their own health and safety. To ensure this responsibility can be carried out we maintain a system and competency based training for all personnel.