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Employee Profiles


Peter Lardi

Lifting Manager


A person with a strong background in organisational effectiveness, risk management, reliability engineering, project and engineering management who has a commitment to achieving goals by applying business, organisational, technical, functional and personal skills gained over 29 years of professional life.

An evolving career path in the commercial, mining and petrochemical industries has enabled the development of a wide range of skills and the ability to apply them under a variety of circumstances. Has always practised a philosophy based on performance measurement, continuous improvement and overall safety for all parties and equipment involved in operations.

Has demonstrated the ability to work either in an office, on a project site or offshore with a broad spectrum of people. Strives to achieve results through cooperation and teamwork. Has been involved with engineering and safety aspects of lifting for over 15 years that has included developing lifting standards and management systems for BHPB, Shell, Santos and Woodside. A career that has included working between Australia, Africa, Burma, Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA and UAE.

Relevant Experience

  • Experience working in Africa, Australia, Burma, Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, West Africa and the UK.
  • Co-authored the APPEA Guideline for Lifting.
  • Developed the online lifting equipment register in 1999 that now has over 5,000 items and 30 clients.
  • On the Australian Standards Committee for Lifted Equipment.
  • Worked with BHPP, Shell, Santos, Shell, Woodside and others on the development of their Lifting Management Systems.
  • Developed risk analysis techniques and a Lifting Plan process in line with OLER guidelines.
  • Involved with the management of lifting for over 12 drilling campaigns.
  • Consulted on all aspects of the material handling supply chain from the manufacturing site to the final operational or in place condition.

Mario Satrio

Lifting Team Leader


Taking over as the team leader for the WorleyParsons Lifting Engineering Team in 2012 he demonstrates a business and engineering knowledge within both general engineering and the specialised area of lifting. A background working in both the structural and mechanical sides of lifting provides a complete knowledge of lifting operations from design to implementation of onshore, inshore, offshore and on-vessel lifting.

A scope of previous work has included preparing advanced engineering drafting and drawings with specific procedures, conventions and standards, engineering and calculating mechanical, structural and lifting strengths of individual materials and constructed units, working with Australian, International and Company implemented standards for design, fabrication and operation in all environments (inclusive of EN12079, DNV2.7-1, DNV2.7-2, DNV2.7-3, AS1666.1-2009, AWS D1.1, AS1554.1, Lloyd’s Register L.A.M.E, W1000AG400, API2C and API2D).

An ability to work in the office, on a project site, offshore or on-vessel either with in Australia or internationally depending on the requirements of the project. Previous works have included travelling to various sites onshore and offshore in Western Australia, Victoria, UAE, and Azerbaijan. Demonstrates the abilities to work on a variety of project situations, locations and scopes with various team members including clients, vendors and suppliers.

Adam Kidd

Senior Structural Engineer


As the Senior Structural Engineer for the WorleyParsons Lift Engineering Team he has a strong knowledge of offshore, onshore, inshore and on-vessel lifting procedures, design and standards. A background in working with subsea equipment, topside facilities and onshore facilities in the oil & gas, mining and marine sectors.

A scope of previous works has included working on mining transportation of ore from the mine via rail to wharf and ship loading, working on transportation and installation of new equipment on platform. Prior experience has included working with various marine, onshore and offshore design, material and lifting standards.

Has the ability to work on and off site, offshore or on-vessel in Australia depending the requirements of projects and various jobs. Previous experience working in port facilities in Western Australia. Has the ability to work in any location that is necessary whether its on-shore, offshore or on-vessel.

Tom Treloar

Structural and Civil Engineer


Since graduation Tom has worked on various projects onshore and offshore gaining both theoretical and practical experience in Mining, Civil and Structural, and the Oil & Gas industries of engineering. He has worked closely with various industry leading clients in delivering projects and providing engineering services.

Working for the lifting team Tom is responsible for;

  • Technical queries on Equipment, Australian and International Standards and Guidelines for onshore and offshore
  • Applying engineering expertise to review lift engineering, material handling and subsea lifting
  • Design lifting plans, equipment and associated structures for onshore and offshore use
  • Design and detailing of lifted equipment and associated structures
  • Design and review of heavy lifts
  • Risk assessments and Lift Plans for routine and non-routine lifts onshore and offshore
  • Site inspection and design verification of equipment
  • Fabrication support

Travis Friesema

Lifting Project Analyst


Travis has worked with the lifting team for several years and has gained a specialised knowledge of lift engineering, Australian and International Standards, and associated structures and operations. Experience has been gained working with clients and vendors such as BHP Billiton, Woodside, Shell, BOC Ltd and Archer Well.

Working for the lifting team Travis is responsible for;

  • Assisting in technical queries on Equipment, Australian and International Standards and Guidelines for onshore and offshore
  • Assist the Team Leader with financial control of the team and projects
  • Design and draft lift plans for equipment and structures
  • Work with clients to clarify and define project scope to ensure that the expected products and solutions are met
  • Maintain the OLER (OnLine Equipment Register) for clients
  • Design and upgrade the OLER for new capabilities to suit the needs of clients


The Team

The LE Team provides a total service in the area of lifting and material handling. We have all the resources necessary to analyse the operational requirements, review supply chains, assess risk, design equipment, fabricate, procure, verify, inspect, maintain and even operate. We have gained our experience over a number of years working in both the onshore and offshore hydrocarbon operating environments.