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Our Services

1. Capability

Our capabilities include:
  • Lifting Management. By combining skilled, experienced engineers and proven processes, we can review, advise or assist with the management of lifting from the assessment of the current system through to gap analysis and the implementation of corporate standards and operational plans.
  • Lift Plans. For routine and non routine lifts we can carry out risk assessments and prepare from simple generic to highly sophisticated Lift Plans. Includes cranage, sea transport and installation aids.
  • Lifting Register. The LE Team administers a web based Lifting Register that is now used by over 30 clients. It provides an efficient and effective process to underpin the Lifting Management System applied within a company, across companies or on a project.
  • Offshore Lifted Equipment. The LE Team specialises in engineering, manufacture, inspection, testing and maintenance of offshore lifted equipment such as cargo containers, equipment skips and mobile work shops. Currently have over 20 standard designs for lifted equipment ranging from workshops to longstock baskets.
  • Heavy Lifts. Design review of heavy lifts (+500t) and issue of Lift Plans to ensure the lifts are completed in a safe, efficient and effective way.
  • Rigging. The LE Team has extensive expertise in selecting, designing and specifying the correct rigging assembly for the lift. The correct selection of chain, wire rope or soft slinging in conjunction with rigging attachments will help ensure the lift is efficient, cost effective and safe.
  • Verification of Lifted Equipment. The verification over 4,000 individual items of lifted equipment for a broad cross-section of customers in several industries has given WorleyParsons credibility to be the verifier of choice for many lifted equipment owners in Australia and beyond.

2. Previous Industry Experience

The typical contracts are listed below to demonstrate the breadth of our experience gained over the last 15 years.

Project Name &

Location of Client

Type of Work
Shell Development Australia. Browse Drilling CampaignAssisting Shell Development Australia in managing lifted equipment (e.g. containers, drilling equipment, etc) to be utilised in the Browse Basin 2009/2010 drilling campaign.

BHP Billiton

  • Stybarrow Drilling Campaign
  • Griffin Drilling Campaign
  • Pyrenees Drilling Campaign
  • Pre-work to set up the “new approach”. Includes engaging Contractors and assisting BHPBP personnel.
  • Upload all items of lifted equipment onto an online database and ensure information available to all stakeholders.
  • Carrying out QA/QC at point of dispatch prior to delivery to Supply Base for load out to drill ship.
  • Pre-lift inspection at Supply Base (Dampier or Darwin) prior to loadout by approved inspection agent.
  • Support BHPBP offshore and onshore logistics in the management of the lifted equipment fleet over the duration of the campaign.
Australian StandardsRepresentation on the Australian Standards since 2001. On committee tasked with the introduction of the Australian Standard (AS) EN12079:2006
Baguley EngineeringManufacture of new food containers for Container Refrigeration and offshore containers for various owners.

Woodside Energy Limited

  • Enfield Drilling Campaign
  • Laminaria Drilling Campaign
  • Vincent Drilling Campaign
  • Pluto Drilling Campaign
  • CWLH Drilling Campaign
  • Goodwyn SHU Project
  • Management of Online Lifted Equipment Database
  • Co-ordination of recertification process with inspectors to ensure certification of items is complete prior to load out date.
  • Producing JHA lift certification as required
  • Structural Design Verifications of Lifted Equipment as required
SantosPreparation of Lift Plan for lifting of Exeter Project Xmas trees.
Woodside Chinguetti FPSOLift Plan for the heavy lift of 3 x 800 tones modules onto the FPSO in Singapore
IndustryMaintenance of Lifting equipment registers for a range of clients including BOC, Cleanaway, Container Refrigeration, Halliburton and Weatherford for 2007.
Woodside Offshore Petroleum Mauritania 2002-2004 drilling campaign West AfricaProvided the Woodside team with support to establish a lifting equipment management system in Mauritania for all onshore and offshore work. Also utilized the OLER website to establish and manage a litigating equipment register for over 6000 items for over 20 3rd party equipment suppliers.
IndustryCertification of over 3,000 items of lifted equipment to the APPEA Standard in the period 2000 – 2002.

3. Value to Our Client

With the skilled specialist team, the experience gained over the last 15 years and the support from the larger WorleyParsons we believe that the LE Team can, given the opportunity, add significant value to our Clients' businesses. The table below summaries some of the specific areas identified where value has been added to date.

 BHPPShellSantosWoodsideManufactures and FabricationDrilling Rigs (Transocean)Service Companies (eg Halliburton)Support Companies (eg BOC, Cleanaway)Transport & Logistics (eg Toll, Schenker)Inspection Companies (eg Nobles)
1Assess HSE Management System, provide gap analysis and strengthenüüüüüüüü  
2Establish & maintain Project specific Lifting registerüü üüüüüü 
3Establish & maintain Owner Company Lifting registerü  ü  üüü 
4Establish Standards and implement complianceüü ü üü ü 
5Risk assessment of lifting operationsü  üüüü ü 
6Preparation and implementation of Lifting Plans (& JHAs)üüüüüüüüü 
7Design and Verificationüüüüüüü ü 
8Manufacture of Lifted Equipment   üü üüü 
9Work effectively in remote locationsü  ü üü üü